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Cook County Property Tax Appeals


Since 2008, the residential real estate market has been in turmoil. Kearney & Phelan, Ltd. has been there to help home owners keep their property taxes in line with the current market values. As experienced attorneys, our firm believes individuals should have access to the same knowledge and expertise available only to large corporations. It is our belief that fair and intelligent representation for homeowners is critical to the health and maintenance of our neighborhoods.

Upon submission of the form below, our attorneys will review the data provided and determine if an appeal or other action would provide financial relief for the client. This consultation is free. Furthermore, there are no upfront fees, and no fees are charged unless there is a reduction in Assessed Value. By working with Kearney & Phelan, Ltd, you receive the following benefits:

1. HANDS ON ATTORNEYS. Attorneys at Kearney & Phelan, Ltd. handle each and every process required to develop an effective argument to reduce our clients’ taxes. Other firms and organizations that handle residential tax appeals farm out the work to unlicensed consultants and unknowledgeable employees to develop information for appeals.

2. KNOWLEDGE. Although the appeals process may seem straight forward, we are well practiced in the several nuances of the appeals process which garner greater savings.

3. EDUCATION vs. TIME. By allowing experts to handle your appeal, you not only save time educating yourself in regards to the proper procedures for an appeal, but you also save time in execution and appearances required for the appeal as well.

BE AWARE: Many “property tax consultants” market to tax payers. ONLY ATTORNEYS ARE ALLOWED TO REPRESENT HOME OWNERS IN THE BOARD OF REVIEW AND CIRCUIT COURT. If you use a “consultant” you are hiring a non-licensed, un-insured individual who cannot fully represent your interests throughout the entire appeal process available.

SMALL RESIDENTIAL/SINGLE FAMILY OWNERS ONLY – Please complete the form below and an attorney will contact you within 1 business day.

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