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Cook County Property Tax Appeals


If you own, lease or manage Commercial, Industrial, Retail or Residential property within the State of Illinois, you know your property tax bill can have serious consequences for your bottom line. While every taxpayer has an obligation to pay his or her fair share of the overall tax burden, it is quite possible you are paying too much.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of so-called “real estate tax specialists” who are willing to promise you the world with respect to assessment reduction. Many of these individuals/firms are not attorneys – hence they have received no training in legal advocacy or can continue appeals through the Circuit Court system if necessary. Furthermore, the shifting political tides in our State Capitol have resulted in changes in both procedure and substance of tax assessment litigation. This fluid environment calls for constant vigilance with respect to new legislation as well as skilled advocacy at both the administrative and Circuit Court levels.

Kearney & Phelan, Ltd. specializes in Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Large Residential Property Tax Appeals. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop cutting edge theories which have lead to exceptional results for our clients. Our attorneys are active in the ongoing evolution of the Property Tax Appeals process and procedure. It is our dedicated focus on this area of the law which has allowed us to be known as well respected experts in the field.